What is MadeOfBillions?

It’s hard to boast when you’re rich. If you’re rich, you’re a 1%. Not many people are like you. Not many people have what you have. Boasting to people means, envy, hatred, jealousy, and attracting people who will drag you down. Where are the other rich who you can brag to?! Where are other people who will help you be more successful while you all show off together?! The exclusivity of the website can be gauged from the fact that intending members must fork out a cool million dollars.

No worries, you don’t have to deal with those poor and jealous people anymore! A New social network website has been developed which is only for the SUPER RICH. Those who are millionaires and billionaires can only afford to be part of it. To become a member, you will be set back 1 million dollars. Thus it is available only for the SUPER SUPER RICH!! This will be the ULTIMATE PLACE TO BOAST, BOAST AND BOAST ABOUT THE SUPER RICH LIFESTYLE!!

MadeOfbillions.com is the new superrich network which will allow the SUPER RICH to boast everything about their lives. They will also form part of a network of SUPER RICH FRIENDS and will receive private and targeted adverts directly to them. Secret invitations only to the SUPER SUPER RICH will also be sent to them. They can also create their own secret events and share them with only their SUPER RICH FRIENDS!!

MadeOfBillions.com will also offer its members the full facilities that current social networks offer, such as sharing pictures, videos, statuses etc. It will also allow members to create their own show (TV And Web Show) where MadeOfBillions will take care of shooting the movie, editing etc. In this show, the SUPER RICH members can do present whatever they like about their lifestyle. This means that we will have many more “Dan Blizerians”, more Kardashians, and more “Tony Toutouni” and so on. Why not even meet the likes of Paris Hiltons too!? The SUPER RICH will definitely become more popular with this!! MadeOfBillions.com will also allow members to appear publicly (optional to members) onto the website list. This means the SUPER RICH members can show off their money and SUPER RICH lifestyle!!

The SUPER RICH all like to boast about their life…. about their luxury possessions…. about their money…. their luxury parties…their luxury cars…and so on…. We have seen rich kids on Instagram…rich kids on Facebook and so on. But will they take the ultimate test? Will they be on MadeOfBillions.com? Are they MADE OF BILLIONS?

MadeOfBillions.com will give the subscribers the following:

  • Create your own social network account with us (where you can show off all you want through pictures, images, videos, posts, comments etc).
  • A unique account on our website.
  • Adverts (including secret ones just for the SUPER RICH) of products/services for the eyes of the rich only!!
  • Invitation to TOP SECRET Events for the SUPER RICH only!!
  • We will do a WEB/TV Show(s) to show the world your lifestyle…SHOW OFF…SHOW OFF AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!  (Optional)
  • Have Friends come over to create accounts with us. Create a network of your own super rich friends!!
  • Custom Plague to be sent directly to you by post, as proof that YOU ARE MADEOFBILLIONS. You can show it off on our Website too!!
  • Your name on the MadeOfBillions.com List Web Page…(Optional)
  • And above all, you get to network with other rich people and get richer!!!
  • Much more!!